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SKT Wireless LAN (T wifi zone)

SKT wireless LAN (T wifi zone) supports the establishment of SKT wireless LAN facilities on campus and wireless Internet access through consultation between Seoul National University and SK Telecom (since March 2012).
Anyone on campus has free access to wireless Internet by following the authentication process on their laptop, tablet PC (pad) or other mobile device. (123 buildings on the Gwanak Campus, 15 buildings on the Yeongeon Campus (excluding hospital))

Targets of Service

Registered students, faculty, staff, alumni, pre-registered students, and non-SNU personnel.

How to Use

(1) In the wireless LAN device, select "T wifi zone" from the list of available wireless LAN services.

(2) After accepting the personal information use guidelines and registering your device's MAC , the SKT Wireless LAN service may be used free for one month (No verification needed for one month.)

       ※ Download manuals for different devices (sktwifi.pdf)
     ※ The “T wifi_secure” in the SSID (wireless LAN service list) is accessible to paid SK subscribers without the need for verification.

Fee Policy

Free of charge


SK Call Center: 1599-9333


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