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Harmful Website Blocking Policy

Harmful Website Blocking Policy

Harmful Website Blocking Policy

IS&T SNU enforces a policy of blocking websites to ensure an appropriate Internet environment for education, learning, and research for the SNU community. When a user connects to a website or runs a client for a specific service, if the website or service is included in the database of harmful Internet information , That website or service will automatically be blocked. The user will be redirected to a separate blocking notification page, and the service client will display an error message, such as "Connection Failed" or "Not for Use." The present policy is to block games, stock exchanges, gambling sites, P2P capabilities, and web hard disk. If requested by a user, a decision will be made on whether to lift the block after review (only for educational and research purposes).

Requesting that a Block be Lifte

Request lifting of a harmful website block

Targets of Service

To verify whether a request to lift a website or service block is reasonable for educational or research purposes, an official request form must be submitted after receiving the signature of the president of the affiliated institution.

※ An official response can only be sent to SNU employees.

IS&T SNU will notify you by email of the resultits receipt of the application receipt and processing by e-mail.


IT Service Center: (Tel: 02-880-8282. E-mail:

Relevant Regulations

Guidelines on SNU Campus Network


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