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Network Disruption Dissolution

Network Disruption Dissolution

Network Disability Query

IST SNU provides Network service to tackle the inconveniences during use of the SNU campus network. This service includes consultation on Internet speeds, verification of network connection between zones, buildings, and user PCs, and checkups and repairs of port state in each room

Requesting the Service

mySNU > SNUIn Support > IT SERVICES Suggestions / Questions > Connection problem report

Network Disruption Dissolution Service Request (after mySNU login)

Current Status

Currently, 5 network maintenance workers (Gwanak 5) and consultant are handling 323.75 network disruptions per month.

Targets of Service

Registered students, faculty, staff, alumni, pre-registered students, and non-SNU personnel

Fee Policy

Free of charge (for members of the SNU community)


IT Service Center (Tel: 02-880-8282 / Email:

Relevant Regulations

Guidelines for SNU Campus Network


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