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Domain Management

What is a Domain?

A domain is an English expression of the IP address on the Internet. The Domain Name System (DNS) does the mapping of the domain names and IP addresses.

The domain for SNU is "". Sub-domains should be registered for operation of a web server or a mail server (Registration example: =

Request a Domain

Request domain : Request use of the * domain to operate a server on campus. (Only IP users of the web server can apply)

Hosting outside SNU : Request use of the * domain to operate a server off campus.

Targets of Service

Registered students, faculty, and staff

Using a Domain

Users may request a domain(or recall) through the website.

mySNU (Portal) ( login > SNUIn Support > IT SERVICES > Domain Request/Recall

Before you request

Users may request a domain name for their assigned IP address (domain name duplication not allowed).

A maximum of five domains may be requested for one IP address.

The domain name may be requested only through SNU.

A domain name will be assigned after request procedures are complete.

Requested by user → Approval e-mail sent to the person who is in charge of the user. → Domain name assigned. → User is notified of the assigned domain name. → If not accepted, the domain name will be recalled.

Key menus

Request Name Server: Request to run a sub-name server

Request Mail Server: Request to run a mail server after registering a domain name.

If you wish to set an domain to a server outside SNU campuses(hosting), fill out a form to request authorization. (link :도메인 신청(학외)&request_user_id=&request_user_nm=)


IT Service Center(02-880-8282 / E-mail:

Relevant Regulations

Guidelines on SNU Campus Network


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