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IP Management

What is an IP Address?

An IP address must be given to all communication devices (computers, printers, etc.) before they can communicate through the Internet.
 (IP address format (ex):

Go to Request IP Address

mySNU > SNUIn Support > IT SERVICES > NETWORK  > IP Request/Return 

IP and domain management system (accessible after mySNU login)

Targets of Service

Registered students, faculty, and staff

How to Use

A user may request an IP address through the website.

Information on requests

One IP address should be requested for each communication device (computer, printer, etc.)

The MAC address (LAN card address = Ethernet address = physical address) of the communication device should be known in advance.

An IP address may be requested only through SNU.

An IP address will be assigned after the request procedures are complete.

                  Requested by user → Acceptance e-mail is sent to the person who is in charge of the user. → IP address assigned. →  User is informed of assigned IP address → If not accepted, the assigned IP address assignment will be recalled.

Key menus

Request a change to IP address information : Change of computer (or LAN card) or user.

Request IP address holder name: The current user may request a change to the information if the previous IP address holder has not done so due to graduation or retirement.

Request for IP address recall: The user may request that the IP address be recalled if the user is no longer using the related device.

Search for assigned IP addresses: The user may search the list of assigned IP addresses and their details.

An IP address that has not been used (not connected to the network) for at least one year will be returned after one month of notification if no request is made to retain it.

Relevant Regulations

Guidelines on SNU Campus Network


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