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Internet Connection

Internet Connection

Wired & Wireless Networks are available through the campus network. Commercial providers of WIFI(KT, SKT, LGU+ etc) are also available.  With creating a “smart campus” in mind, IST SNU has replaced the IT network instruments with -cutting-edge gigabyte instruments across all 18 campus zones and in individual buildings. The backbone network between the zones uses ultrafast (40 Gbps) optical cables.

In addition, the network between the zones has been duplexed in preparation against disruptions from cable or instrument issues

Current Status

Gwanak Campus ~ Interconnected with external Internet services: 16 Gbps in total (excluding Internet services for research purposes)

Educational Internet network: KT (8 Gbps) and LGU+ (4 Gbps) ,SK Broadband (3 Gbps)

Ultrahigh speed research network (KREONET) : 10 Gbps (for research purposes)

Network Support for Yeongeon Campus

Gwanak ~ Yeongeon Campus: Exclusive network (SK Broadband: 4 Gbps)

Yeongeon ~ School of Medicine: Exclusive network (SK Broadband: 200 Mbps)

Network Support for campus Outside seoul

Suwon Campus (Farm): Education network (KT : 100 Mbps)

Suwon Campus (Livestock farm): Education network (KT : 100 Mbps)

Nambu University Forest (Chusan Forest): Education network (KT : 100 Mbps)

Siheung Campus : Education network (SK Broadband: 2 Gbps)

Pyeongchang Campus : Education network (KT : 1 Gbps)

Hongcheon (Medical Institute): Education network (KT : 30 Mbps)

Wireless LAN Service(WIFI)

SNU-Member/SNU-1st-time/eduroam (SNU), kt_SNU (KT), SNU_U+Zone(LGU+), T WiFi zone (SKT)

       Fee Policy

Limited utilization fee at faculty and staff apartments, dormitories (Gwanak Dormitory, and those at medical and nursing schools), BK International Dormitory, etc.

Campus Network Fees



Faculty and staff apartments (Buildings 122A ~ I, 
Building No. 936, East Hoam Building)

KRW 10,000/month

Dormitories (Gwanak Dormitory, dormitories at medical
and nursing schools, BK International Dormitory)

KRW 2,000/month


Relevant Regulations

Guidelines on Campus Network Operation


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