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Cloud Mail Services

Cloud Mail Services   

Users of Seoul National University's portal( can use the cloud mail service (Dooray, Gmail).


If there is a disability in the Seoul National University portal service or if only the mail function is used, current faculty members can log in after accessing Dooray(, and students and retired faculty members can log in with their Seoul National University account after accessing Gmail(


All university notices are sent only to the university's official e-mail address (, so if you want to receive an external e-mail address, you must set the auto-forwarding function.


Service target

-  Faculty, staff, students, retirees, alumni, institutions

Dooray mail function description

-  Refer to the Dooray mail guide(

Gmail function description

-  Refer to the Gmail guide(

Mobile app settings

-  Dooray

-  Gmail

Contact Point

-  Tel: 02-880-8282 (ITSC: IT Service Center) Eng: 02-880-2121

-  E-mail :


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