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SNU Webmail


Users of mySNU (Portal) ( may use the webmail provided by IS&T SNU (SNU email). If the mySNU service is disrupted, or if a user wants to use only the webmail service, he or she may directly connect to the webmail site (

By default, all notices are sent only through the official SNU e-mail addresses of SNU ( Users wishing to receive notices at an external email address should use the auto-forwarding function.

Webmail Security Functions

-  Writing a security email on the webmail: Research papers or documents sent in this way remain confidential during transfer to the intended receiver.

-  SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transfers on Microsoft Outlook Express or Outlook: Emails sent and received by users are protected from hackers. If you do not wish to use the SSL function, maintain the current settings.

Webmail Functions

-  Mail search and auto-sorting

-  Send email you’ve previously reserved

-  Block email addresses

-  Spam mail filters

-  Auto-responses when you are away

-  Personalize your signatures

-  Manage temporary storage and mailbox

-  Manage your mailing list, contacts, and shared contacts

-  Recycle bin

Targets of Service

-  Faculty and staff (including those who have retired), students, alumni, institutions and the general public


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