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Password Changes

Password Changes

According to the SNU Basic Guidelines on information Security, passwords must be between 9 and 20 characters, including English letters (both upper and lower case), at least one number and at least one special character. It needs to be changed at least once per six months

Go to change password link


How to Use

Faculty, staff and students

1. If you remember your password

- Login to mySNU (Portal) and go to "MyPage" > "Change Password"

2. If you've forgotten your password

- Go to mySNU (Portal) and select "Find Password". Then change the password using one of following four user identification methods

1) Use the mobile phone number-based identification methods
2) Use the registered mobile phone number (Only possible if your mobile phone number registered on mySNU)
3) Use the registered external e-mail address (
Only possible if your email address is registered on mySNU)
4) Use the "Certificates" for user identification

Non-SNU personnel

- Go to "Find PW" on mySNU (Portal) and change your password after user idneitification


- Email :


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