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Integrated ID(SNU_ID)

What is the integrated ID (SNU_ID)?

SNU_ID refers to the ID used to login to SNU IT services (SNU portal (mySNU), eTL, SNU Library website, the SNU website, etc.). One SNU_ID is issued to each person.

Go to Request SNU_ID


Who is the SNU_ID for

- Registered students (including students on leaves of absence), professors, alumni, pre-registered students and non-SNU members

Using your SNU_ID

- Request an SNU_ID at mySNU, SNU's portal (

1. Registered students, alumni, and non-SNU personnel may request an SNU_ID any time. The SNU_ID is issued after verifying applicant identity.
   ** New students may request their SNU_ID after paying their tuition deposit.

2. Professors and staff members may request their SNU_ID after the personnel information is registered with the Administration Information System.
  ** Staff in charge of personnel affairs: Faculty members - Office of Academic Affairs (880-5024); Staff members - Office of General Affairs

3. Requests for an institutional ID for the institutional tasks at SNU can be made using the menu below after consultation with IS&T SNU.
   ** Request for Institutional ID: mySNU (Portal) -> SNUIn Support -> IT Services -> Request Administrative Service -> Request Institutional ID"

- Be careful to include the exact information when requesting an integrated ID (SNU_ID) as these IDs may not be changed or deleted after creation.


- E-mail:

Relevant Regulations

SNU ID Managmegement Guideline


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