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Get Started

Guidelines for Newcomers

Request SNU_ID

An SNU ID is needed to use the SNU portal site (mySNU) and other information services. You can request an SNU_ID on the main page of mySNU.

- The ID is automatically used in the webmail address (e.g.

- The ID may be used immediately after online registration. The password needs to be changed every six months.

[When to Apply for Each Class]

- (Freshmen) Request your SNU-ID request after receiving notification of your admission.

- (Faculty, Staff) Request your SNU-ID after your HR information is registered on the Administrative Information System

Wireless LAN Connection


Webmail Setting

Users of mySNU ( may use the webmail (SNU mail) provided by the IS&T SNU directly through the webmail site (

- By default, all notices are sent only to official SNU email addresses ( Users wishing to receive notices at an external email address should use the auto-forwarding function.

→ Go to the webmail section at the top of the mySNU main page (  ▶ Configuration ▶ Forward Settings ▶ Select 'Use Auto-Forwarding' in the mailbox and add the desired email address.

Installing the Mobile App

Official SNU Mobile App 

Download the "Seoul National University" app from Google Play or the App Store.

Campus Map 

Download the "SNU Campus Map" app for building searches, finding optimal routes, and to view cafeteria menus.

IT Service Q&A and Support

IT Service Center at IS&T SNU

The Service Center at IS&T SNU provides comprehensive consulting on utilization of the campus IT services.

[In-person consultation]

- Gwanak Campus: IS&T SNU (Building No. 102) Room 205, TEL. 02-880-8282

- Yeongeon Campus: Student Hall of the College of Medicine (Building No. 5) 1F, TEL. 02-740-8088

[Consultation by phone]

- Gwanak Campus: TEL. 02-880-8282 (Weekdays - 08:00~22:00, Saturdays - 09:00~14:00); foreign students please call 02-880-2121(Weekdays - 09:00~18:00)

- Yeongeon Campus: TEL. 02-740-8088,8089 (Weekdays - 09:00~18:00)

[Remote support]

- During phone consultations, the consultant may request remote access to a user’s PC to resolve connection problems.

- Granting remote access: Connect to the remote support site (

[Online consultation]

- Chatbot:

- mySNU ( ► SNUIn Support ► IT Service ► IT&S Service Q&A

[Email consultation]


[Rental service]

- How to use: mySNU ( > SNUIn Support > IT Service > Laptop/SW Rental > Device/SW Request (Online reservation is required.)

- Services

​ㆍRentals of laptops and camcorders

ㆍsoftware CDs available for registered borrowing

- Open: Weekdays - 09:00 ~ 18:00

- Rental sites

ㆍ Gwanak Campus: IS&T SNU  IT Service Center (Building No. 102, Room 203)

ㆍ Yeongeon Campus: IS&T SNU  Yeongeon Center(Student Hall of the College of Medicine, 1F)


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