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One-stop Work PC Configuration

One-stop Work PC Configuration

A user who needs software installation (Windows, Hangeul, etc.) and configuration (mySNU ID request, IP-Address request, security setting, electronic approval setting, etc.) due to new appointment, personnel transfer, and PC replacement and lacks relevant knowledge may ask support from the IT Service Center of the IS&T SNU. The Center will help the user through the IT environment setting service to begin the work as soon as possible.

Targets of Service

  • Faculty and staff (faculty and staff members requiring work PC setting and configuration due to new appointment, personnel transfer, and PC replacement)

How to Use

  • Call IS&T SNU IT Service Center (T.880-8282) or download and submit a request form (mySNU( → Information Plaza → Bulletin Board → Sharing → Downloads → Archive No. 101 → ‘Work PC ('Environment setting service request application form’). Send the application via e-mail (
     ※ The user or his/her representative may request service.



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