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ITSC(IT Service Center) Visits and Consultation

ITSC(IT Service Center) Visits and Consultation

ITSC(IT Service Center) Visits and Consultation

The IS&T SNU provides one-stop IT services, including consultations via PC and telephone, location visits for IT support, purchasing and installation of all types of IT equipment, and related administration. The services are provided rapidly at a low price.

Targets of Service

  • Phone and PC consultations: All members of the SNU community (faculty, staff, registered students)

  • Services for users visiting IS&T SNU: All members of the SNU community

  • Location visits: SNU PCs used for work by staff (Simultaneous support for five or more PCs used in laboratories, classrooms, and seminar rooms is not included in the anytime support service.)

How to Use

  • Phone consultations: 02-880-8282 – weekdays 08:00~19:00, Saturdays 09:00~14:00

  • Chatbot consultations:

  • Board consultations: Login to mySNU ( → Information Plaza → Bulletin Board → IT Service Q&A

  • Email consultations:

  • In-person consultations at IS&T SNU: IS&T SNU, IT Service Center (Building No. 102 Room 203), Weekdays 09:00~18:00

Anytime Support Service

If an IT problem is not resolved over the phone (880-8282) or remotely, a staff member will visit the work PC location to provide technical support.

  • Setting up of SNU IT service environment and resolving disruptions (Installing electronic approval system software, setting up email, resolving PC slowness due to software installation, and setting up PC security)
  • Installing drivers for PC peripheral devices
  • PC security checkups (Search and destroy computer viruses and spyware)
  • Setting up PC software and assisting with recovery from disruption
  • Re-installing PC Windows (Recovering PC and internet network settings to default settings)
      * A small fee is charged for IT tasks requiring time and involving risk, such as backing up data or previous configurations, and installing peripheral software.
  • If the PC or equipment (hard disk, RAM) problem can be covered by product warranty, all relevant works are performed from repair and related processing.

Paid Service

  • Customized reinstallation of PC Windows: Windows recovery as needed by the user, including data backup, configuration setting, installation of licensed software or drivers for peripheral devices

  • PC main body cleaning: Complete disassembly and cleaning of the PC.

  • PC data recovery: Data recovery for logical or physical disruptions

  • IT device rental
    Ex) PC, laptop, printer, projector, camcorder, installation of rented devices on behalf of users, etc.

  • IT devices available for purchase: Low prices and customized administrative process support including rapid processing for required specifications and installment plan[CYH1] .
    Ex) All IT and OA-related items, including PCs, laptops, printers, projectors, camcorders, and photocopiers.

  • Parts available for purchase: Mainboards, hard disks, RAM, graphic cards, DVD players, etc.

IT consumables available for purchase: Toner, printer paper, USB memory storage, keyboards, computer mouses, etc.



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