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Administrative Information System

Administrative Information System

The Administrative Information System is an integrated management system for university operations, including administration of academic affairs, general affairs, and research.

The research administration system was established in 2008. With the conversion of SNU into a national university corporation (December 28, 2011), a next-generation project to integrate its administrative information system was implemented, covering general administration in the first stage and academic affairs in the second stage. 

Beginning on September 1, 2012, general administration services are currently operated for budgeting, accounting, purchasing, and management of goods, assets, personnel, and payroll. The academic affairs administration system was established in November 2013, as the second stage, and currently provides services for the management of academic records, courses, registration, scholarships, academic grades, and graduation.


Current Status

  • Academic administration system: management of academic affairs, entrance exams, classes, registration, scholarships, grades, graduation

  • General administration system: teaching personnel, teacher appointments, employee appointments, budgeting, accounting, purchasing, goods, property, payroll, welfare, etc.


Targets of Service

  • SNU employee, registered students, professors, and staff members (The mySNU ID is necessary to use the service.)

How to Use

  • Login mySNU (, go to Academic Affairs/Administration menu, and click the relevant work area.



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