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Electronic Approval System

Electronic Approval System

The SNU Electronic Approval system refers to the electronic processing es) of all documents. The electronic approval system facilitates speed and efficiency in administrative tasks in connection with organizational information and charts.

Current Status

  • The electronic approval system service is provided through the official SNU website and the official SNU app.

Targets of Service

  • Users with SNU integrated ID (SNU_ID) as employees (corporate), faculty (professors and lecturers), researchers, teaching assistants, and SNU staff

How to Use

  • Refer to the information below.

    Board > FAQs/Q&A > IT Service FAQs: [결재] 전자결재시스템(웹기안기 기반) 매뉴얼(2020.4.20~

Relevant Regulations

Q&A for Utilization


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