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Mobile App Service

Mobile App Service

IS&T SNU provides an official mobile service to members of the SNU community. Since its renewal in November 2013, the official mobile service provides IT services related to the academic calendar, time tables, grade verification, courses, course registration information, leaves of absence and reinstatement, attendance and searches, cafeteria menus, and the campus map.

Current Status

- Mobile app: Android 5 or higher, iOS 8 or higher

- Support for mobile web access

Targets of Service

- Non-SNU personnel, registered students, faculty, and staff (services requiring SNU member verification, such as academic affairs and SNU mail, require the mySNU (Portal) ID.)

How to Use

- Android: Access the Google Play Store(, search for "Seoul National University" and install.

              Access One Store(, search for "Seoul National University" and install.

- IOS: Access the Apple App Store(, search for "Seoul National University" and install.

- Mobile access:

- User verification: Enter mySNU ID and password when prompted.

Provided Services

Information related to the academic calendar, timetables, grade, academic administration, courses, course registration, leaves of absence and reinstatement processing, attendance records, cafeteria menus and a campus map.

Fee Schedule

- No charge, but data fees from external telecommunications providers may apply unless WiFi is used.

Relevant Regulations

- Guidelines on mySNU (Portal) Operation


- TEL : 02-880-8282 (ITSC : IT Service Center)

- Email :


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