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Total Search

Total Search 

The total search service allows searches of the immense amount of data provided by various SNU services. The service can be used in the following sites.

Search Targets for Each Menu

- Total search: The search results of shortcuts, personal names, menu, boards, and SNU web are displayed on a single screen (Three research results from each menu are displayed. The "Show More Results" links may be used to view more search results.).

- Personal names: Faculty members (The personal names of students and researchers are not shown.)

- Boards: mySNU boards (Different search results are provided depending on the user's login status and authorized board access.)

- SNU Web: Search results from (A hundred search results from Google Custom Search are provided.)

※ Correcting personal information in personal name search

① Login to mySNU (
② MyPage (top of the page) > Change My Personal Information  (Change personal information, including photo and address, and determine whether to make the information public.)
③ Update search results: Updated every hour
④ Scope of personal information searched: name, news/posts or office (basic information) / telephone number, e-mail address, personal web page, location, and photo (if posted by the user)


- TEL : 02-880-8282(ITSC : IT Service Center)

- Email :



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