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Permanent Data Deletion

Permanent Data Deletion

Permanent Data Deletion

Permanent data deletion service
The Information Center has dedicated storage devices (degauser) that completely delete data with a strong magnetic field for storage devices (hard disk, etc.) that are no longer used. Available for use.
  ※ Support with data recovery is not provided.



- Article 43 of the Basic Guidelines on Information Security at Seoul National University (Disposal of electronic information storage media no longer used)


Service targets

- All members of the SNU community


How to use

- Submit an application form([Download Request Application Form]) and drop off the storage device to be disposed of to the IT Service Center (or Connection Center)

- Degauser installation location
    ㆍGwanak Campus: IT Service Center on the 2nd floor of the Information Center (Bldg. 102, Room 203)
    ㆍYeongeon Campus: Student Center (Bldg. 5) Information Center Yeongeon Center

- Supportable storage devices
    ㆍHard disks (1.8" ~ 3.5" HDD) and magnetic tape (LTO)
      ※ CDs, SSDs not supported
      ※ Note: A guide (accessory) will be attached to the storage device to be disposed of. It takes less than 15 minutes. and, Degaussed Storage cannot reuse.



 - Tel: 02-880-8282 (IT Service Center), Yeongeon Center 740-8089
 - Email:


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