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Web Vulnerability Checks

Web Vulnerability Checks

Web Vulnerability Checks

Designed to prevent online security incidents and provide secure services on homepages operated on and off campus
The web application vulnerability check analyzes websites for vulnerabilities and improves security.


Web vulnerability check system: [Go] (accessible only on campus)

Inspection targets

- Websites using a campus IP
- Websites using the campus domain (*

※ When applying to open a web service port (80, 443, 8080) or run a website on the school domain (*, you must perform a web vulnerability check and take action against identified vulnerabilities.

How to Use

- Login with your portal account to access the web vulnerability check system 

※ For more information on use, refer to the Web Vulnerability Inspection System → Information Center → No. 7 (Web Vulnerability Inspection System Manual)


- Tel.: 02-880-8282 (IT Service Center), 02-880-6288 (IT Support Center)

- Email:,


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