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PC Security Software

PC Security Software

IS&T SNU provides the following PC security programs for safe utilization of PCs on the SNU campus.

  - PC security vulnerability solution (ComVoy)
  - Antivirus software (V3)
  - APT
(Advanced Persistent Threat) Detection Agent (MDS)

※ The PC security programs listed above may be downloaded after logging onto mySNU ( through the campus network.


Targets of Service

SNU campus network users


How to Use

PC Security Vulnerability Solution

- Checks for PC vulnerabilities, personal information vulnerabilities and for file encoding.
- The PC security Vulnerability solution must be installed before using the campus network.

※ If the solution is not installed on the PC, the user's internet homepage will change to the PC vulnerability checkup software installation page. The internet can be used only after installing the software.

Download PC vulnerability solution from the installation page

Anti-virus Software

- V3, a PC security antivirus program (Campus License).
- When a PC is found to have no antivirus program installed during the PC security vulnerability checkup, installation of V3 is advised(Other antivirus software besides V3 may also be used.).

Download antivirus software (V3) : SNU Support - IT Service - Campus license SW Download

ATP Detection Agent (MDS)

- MDS software detects abnormal actions on the network and treats PCs infected by viruses or malicious code.
- When abnormal PC actions are detected, the external internet connection is blocked.

ATP Detection Agent (MDS) Download : SNU Support - IT Service - Campus license SW Download


- Tel : 02-880-8282 (ITSC : IT Service Center)

- email :


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