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Request for Secure Server (SSL Certificate)

Request for Secure Server (SSL Certificate)

Request for Secure Server (SSL Certificate)

IS&T SNU provides a free service to strengthen web server security and protect personal information.

[Secure Server] A secure server(SSL Certificate) encrypts and transmits information between the user's PC and a web server.


Go to Request

mySNU → SNUIn Support → IT service → Request Service(service request)→ Security(Security Service) →  Request SSL Certificate(SSL Certificate Issuance Application)


Targets of Service

SNU homepage operation agency(** Only when using stage 4 domain, **.** Unable to issue for level 5 or higher domain)

How to Use

- Apply from the appropriate menu within the portal site  →Application received from Information Service Headquarters (official document) → SSL Certificate issued (to the mail address in application form), How to set up mail attachment
  →  In-server operation (completed)

- Fill out the application form : Web server operator/administrator

- Certificate Application Menu User : Employees (with the authority to send official documents) or laboratories can apply from the department's office or administrative office after filling out Hangeul files.

ㆍCreate an official document automatically and send to the Information Service Support Division of the Information Service Headquarters after receiving approval from two or more agency personnel .






Questions about application : IS&T SNU, Division of Information Security (, 880-6288)


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