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Technical Support

Technical Support

Web Site Development Project Management Support

- Review of proposed technology and estimation, and support for technical inspection

Support for Consideration of WebSite-Customized Module Installation

- Installation of new functions (modules) developed by the requesting institution may be allowed upon review.

- A customized module needs to be configured to be utilized at other SNUPAL site

Education for Website Managers

- Education sessions for website managers are available every 6 months.

- Operation manuals and utilization information can be found at

- 24/7 consultation : IT SERVICES Center (880-8282)

Examination of Operational Activities

- Analysis of operating state: Analytical results are provided on web log, user information, and board management.

- Security inspection: Security vulnerabilities, including posting of personal information, are regularly identified and improvements made.

- Personnel changes that affect web page managers are identified and updated.




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