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Web Page Establishment Platform

Web Page Establishment Platform


- College, department, and administrative office personnel lack the time, funding, and expertise to develop and manage their own web pages.

- Establishing and maintaining web pages is challenging in the rapidly changing IT environment.

Features and Advantages

- A variety of web pages can be created that reflect SNU community demand.

Education on configuration and related manuals makes it easy for an institutional web page manager to use the web page platform and set up the page(s) and boards.

-  Person-in-charge can use the variety of functions available to create a web page independently (templates, boards, reservation functionality, integrated verification, search, etc.).

- Design and content can be changed easily.

- Pages can be optimized to the PC and mobile environments (smart phones, tablet PC, etc.).

- All web pages on the platform are kept safe according to SNU security policies; constant monitoring is done to ensure web accessibility and other items.

- No need for concerns over personal information leaks due to the SNU integrated verification system is used without a separate membership management.

Key Functions


Site Creation and Management

Multiple web sites may be created, and the boards and contents in the sites may be managed.

Integrated Verification (SSO) Login

Login through SNU integrated verification (SSO)

Authorization Management

Administrators can be designated both for individual web pages and for individual functions.

Contents Change Request and Processing

Requests processed from website users to make changes to site content.


Statistics on posts, access, and screen utilization are provided.


Various types of boards may be created, corrected, deleted, and moved by using the board management functions.


Manage the institution's academic/seminar/lecture/education schedules and open them to the public.

Facility Management/Space Reservation

Users may reserve meeting rooms, classrooms, and seminar rooms.

Recruiting/Application Management

Recruiting and application management for seminars and other events may be performed.

Membership Information Management

Introductory information is managed and open on the website for different membership levels (faculty, staff, students).

Interconnection with Integrated Search

Search results are shown on the web page in connection with the SNU integrated search.


The Print Screen function is provided.


The functions provided by Drupal, an open CMS, are also provided through interconnection.
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