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Introduction to Hosting Service

Introduction to Hosting Service

A website may be operated on all hosting services. The hosting service appropriate for the current requirements may be found in the comparative table below.

- mySNU (Portal) > SNUIn Support > IT SERVICES > Hosting Service



Web Hosting

Server Hosting



Web page for public relations with a small number visitors

Web page requiring installation of additional SW

Server space rental service

Web page requiring significant server resources

Number of daily unique visitors

Below 200

Below 1000

Over 1000

Webpage address

The SNU domain may be used (e.g.,


Operational upon creation of a web page

Optimizable web page operating environment

High-specification resources available at low cost


Only designated web page can use the operating environment

A person to manage the OS environment is required. Relatively high cost of using high-performance resources.

OS environment and equipment management personnel required. High initial cost of equipment.


All SNU members

Institutions/Staff/Faculty/Teaching assistants

Institutions/Staff/Faculty/Teaching assistants

User preparations

Web page developer; Web page maintenance personnel

Web page developer; Web page maintenance personnel; Server OS management personnel


Web page developer; Web page maintenance personnel; Server OS management personnel; Equipment management personnel (to repair equipment parts,
rack servers and LAN cables)

How to Request

Request on hosting management system


* Advance consultation with the Division of Information Service (, 02-880-8282) is necessary for collocation.

* New collocation has been suspended (from October 16, 2017).

Comparison of Configuration


Web Hosting

Server Hosting


Key Services

Folders provided for web page operations

OS is provided for web page operation

Space for server, network, and power are provided

Additional Services

SSL (basic specification)
Integrated verification (basic specification)
Public I-PIN (standard specification) 

SSL (user installed)
Integrated verification (user installed, separately charged)
Public I-PIN (user  installed) 

SSL(user installed)
Integrated verification (user installed, separately charged)
Public I-PIN (user installed) 

Server Monitoring

Monitored by IS&T SNU

Disruption alert sent by request (text message)

Disruption alert sent by request (text message)

Max Network Speed

100 Mbps on SNU premises, 10 Mbps outside SNU

Daily Transmission Limit

3 GByte



Web page vulnerabilities are checked (First performed by user, with further checks done by the security team upon request).
Hacking patterns and predefined personal information format data are forcibly blocked.


* Equipment outside SNU may also use the domain (Contact:

Fee Schedule


Web Hosting

Server Hosting


Basic Specifications

Disk: 2 GB

CPU:1 core
Memory: 2 GB
Disk: 20 GB

1/8 rack (Max. 3U server)  space

Fee for Basic Specifications

KRW 30,000 per year

KRW 240,000 per year

KRW 127,500 per year

Additional Specifications
(Upper Limit)

KRW 12,000 per GB (5 GB)

KRW 120,000 per core (4 cores)
KRW 120,000 per 1 GB memory (8 GB)
KRW 120,000 per 20 GB disk (500 GB)

Increased in proportion to the billing rate for basic specification unit

Operation Regulations

SNU Guidelines on Integrated Hosting Service



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