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Request Event & Banner

Request Events & Banners

This service facilitates advertising of various events at SNU, including academic activities, exhibitions, concerts, educational activities, conferences, lectures, club activities, and contests. The service for each member group may be found in the links on the mySNU main page.

Targets of Service

- Events: Registered students (upon approval from the manager of the Office of Student Support), faculty, and staff

- Banners: Faculty and staff

How to Use

- Events: mySNU (Portal) → Information Plaza → SNU Event → Add Event

- Banners: mySNU (Portal) → Information Plaza → SNU Event Management → Add Banner

ㆍOnly events conducted by SNU institutions may be registered.

ㆍEvents can be posted within 30 days after event registration, for a maximum posting period of 7 days.

ㆍInstitutions may make only a single request regarding the same event. No consecutive posts on the same event permitted.


- TEL : 02-880-8282(ITSC : IT Service Center)

- Email :

- Contact the Office of Students Support (02-880-5060) to request student events

Relevant Regulations

SNU Guidelines on mySNU (Portal) Operation


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