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KT Wireless LAN

The KT wireless LAN service supports the establishment of a KT wireless LAN (formerly Nespot -> Olleh) facility at Seoul National University and the use of high-speed wireless Internet through an industry-academy cooperation agreement between Seoul National University and KT (October 2004).
On-campus users can access wireless Internet and a variety of content through their laptops and other mobile devices within the signal range of areas where the KT wireless access device (AP) has been installed.
(75 buildings on Gwanak Campus, 5 buildings on Yeongeon Campus)


Targets of Service

Members of the SNU community

How to Use

(1) On your wireless LAN device, select "kt_SNU " from the list of available wireless LAN networks.
(2) Upon verification with the user’s enters SNU_ID and password, the device will automatically connect for one year. (If the device is not connected once within a six -month periods, will have to verify his identification again.

       ※ Download manuals for different devices (ktWiFi.pdf) 


IS&T SNU, IT Service Center: 02-880-8282

KT Call Center: 1588-9010


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